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NBAD Update – November 2015

A warm hello to New Brunswick Registered Dietitians from your NBAD Board of Directors, Committees and Office. Please read on to see what is new with your association over the last few months.
Getting to Know Your NBAD Board: This is a regular feature of the NBAD Update to help members get to know the Board of Directors. This month, we would like to introduce Aline Allain-Doiron, Registered Dietitian. Aline Allain-Doiron has been involved as treasurer of the board of the ADNB for a second term, since May 2012.

In 1979, Aline obtained a BSc in Nutrition at Université de Moncton and completed a dietetic internship in Halifax in 1980. After to moving to the Miramichi (Newcastle!), the first 14 years she worked at the Miramichi Hospital in Food Services and Clinical Nutrition. Before retiring in July 2012 she had work eighteen years with Public Health delivering services to high-risk pregnant women with Early Childhood Initiatives (ECI) as well as in other related community nutrition programs. Aline played an active role in the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding at regional and provincial levels. Also one of her highlights was to work on an expert advisory group with Heath Canada in the review of the “Prenatal Nutrition Guidelines for a Healthy Pregnancy (2009)”. At the moment she does a bit of contractual work.
Aline married Ronald in 1981 and she is the proud mother of three adult children: Donald, Chantal and Giselle, and grandmother of three grandchildren. In addition to enjoying spending more time with her family, she now has more time for traveling and gardening.
On a humorous note, Aline’s mastery of the English language could on occasion cause confusion with expressions such as “killing two ducks with a rock”! Also when she says “she is right” there is no point of arguing!

NBAD announce a registration policy revision: After an in depth review and consideration NBAD has determined the Graduate Route / Self-Directed Internship will be discontinued. This decision was based on several factors including: the primary mandate of a regulatory body is promoting excellence in dietetics for public protection, not education; lacking the competitive process to determine most deserving candidate and finally due to labour mobility agreement with other provinces we have the obligation to support high standards in keeping with the other provinces.

Continuing professional development contributes positively to your personal and career success! By now you will have received your 2016 Continuing Competence Program (CCP) documents – we are receiving CCP submissions from NB Dietitians already! Great job!
The Board of Directors would like to remind NBAD members that 20% of the NBAD membership are randomly selected for the audit each year. Due to the audit being a truly random sample, please note that members may be chosen more than once in a 5 year period!

The College of Dietitians of BC – Notice of By-Law Changes:
In Canada, the labour mobility agreement ensures Dietitians who are an active member, in good standing in one province will be accepted onto the register of another province. In that light, the College of Dietitians in BC recently sent notification their by-laws have been updated as follows: they have the requirement for current registrants to complete a jurisprudence examination every 5 years; as well they have added a non-practising class of registrant.

Notice of registration fee for 2016-17

At the Annual General Meeting in May 2015 the motion 12.1 was passed supporting an increase in the registration fees on an annual basis, at the rate of the either the cost of living increase or 2% ; whichever is lesser of the two in order to ensure adequate resourcing to fulfill the NBAD mandate. Based on this motion, it was determined at the September Board of Director’s meeting there will be a 2% increase in registration fees for 2016-17.
Classification of registration: Fees for 2016-17
Active Registration fee $306
Half Year Registration (Active or temporary) $153
Temporary Registration $306
Retired Status $102

Professional Practice Question:

I would love to hear tips from other Dietitians who have experience with private practice, especially regarding how their clients get insurance coverage?
Karine Arsenault, our Board member who has a private practice, shares her experience:
– When I was getting started, I made a chart of all the insurance companies and emailed them (Blue Cross for government employees, Johnson’s Insurance for teachers) and asked if they provided coverage for Dietitian services; and whether I had to do anything to become an approved service provider for that company. Some of them didn’t require anything – while for others I needed to send my professional credentials.
– I definitely recommend becoming a member of the Dietitian of Canada – Consulting Dietitian’s Network. It is well worth the money; you will be sent a package of forms, sample receipts, counselling templates, information on liability insurance, and more!
– Finally, Karyne found talking to her accountant was helpful for more of the business aspects- like whether to have a business phone or not!
Thank you Karyne!
This is a regular feature of the NBAD Update to facilitate members sharing their wisdom! Please send us your question!

Karyne Arsenault, Member at Large on the NBAD Board of Directors and Ellen MacIntosh, NBAD Registrar returned from an informative conference held by the Council on Licensure, Enforcement & Regulation on Promoting Regulatory Excellence, held in Boston in September. A few of Karine and Ellen’s take-home ideas include best practices from regulatory models from around the world; governance models as well as ideas to engage members

Legislative Committee is moving forward:

The legislative committee is actively laying the groundwork for the opening of the NB Dietitians Act. Stay tuned for updates on the process as we also seek your input via emails and surveys.

We love to hear from you! Send us your news item! Look for the next NBAD Update in early 2016!