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ADNB-NBAD Summer 2016 Update

logo bulletNBAD Update – Summer 2016

We hope you are enjoying your summer season – and all it has to offer! This is the 6th newsletter sent out from the NBAD office during the past year. The Board hopes this newsletter supports your connection with your regulatory body thereby strengthening the profession of dietetics in NB.  Please read on for important information. All feedback is welcomed, please send to Registrar@adnb-nbad.com

Getting to Know Your NBAD Board: This is a regular feature of the NBAD Update to help members get to know the Board of Directors. This month, we would like to introduce Véronique Ferguson, Treasurer

Vero's PicVéronique has been on the board for the last two years as Secretary and has just started in the position of treasurer in May 2016.

Before finding her way as a registered dietitian, Véronique studied many years in sciences and completed a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacology in 2006 from the Université de Sherbrooke.

After graduating in 2012 from Université de Moncton with a BSc. In Nutrition, she worked as a food service manager and clinical dietitian in a Nursing Home in Woodstock, NB for a little over two years. She worked as a research assistant on the research project: ‘Making the Most of Mealtimes’ conducted by the Université de Moncton last year and is currently working in the Campbellton Public Health office as a Public Health Dietitian.

Along the way, she discovered a passion in knitting and crocheting. She has many knitting projects on the go for her family and herself. She also found that she has somewhat of a green thumb and is trying her hand at gardening!

THE ADNB-NBAD Annual General Meeting (AGM) was a success!

The Board of Directors is pleased to receive positive feedback from this years’ AGM & Education sessions. The event was video-conferenced to 8 hospitals across the province and more than 30 members participated in-person and virtually. Building on this progress, planning for the ADNB-NBAD AGM 2017 will also incorporate the feedback from the ADNB-NBAD post-AGM survey to improve upon the event and look for more participation next year!  You will find the 2016 ADNB-NBAD Annual report and 2016-2020 Strategic plan on our website.

Thank you to Deborah Everett, Jackie Spiers and our president Cathy MacDonald for the informative sessions! As well, many thanks to Jackie and Dietitians of Canada for making the educational component possible with the generous financial support.


At the Annual General Meeting this year, six bylaws were voted on and all were approved as revised. The changes are highlighted below, as well you will find the updated version of the bylaws on the website under ‘member resources’.

12.1. Amend Board Honourarium / Honoraires du conseil d’administration

*** Approved / Approuver ***

An honourarium will be offered on a pro rata basis to the members of the NBAD Board of Directors at a rate of $ 50 per Board member per scheduled meeting. Consistent with governance model, recruitment and succession planning as well as emphasizing the importance of preparation for Board meetings with motion was approved.

12.2.      Amend BYLAW I Classification of Membership – Dietetic Intern /

Révision des règlements administratifs I et II; celle des stagiaires en diététique

*** Approved / Approuver ***

NBAD will now require all Dietetic Interns seeking practical dietetics experience in NB to be registered with NBAD in advance of undertaking a full or partial internship in NB.

Take note:  It is the responsibility of Registered Dietitians registered with the Association to notify the Association’s office of requests from applicants seeking practical dietetic experience in New Brunswick

12.3        Virtual Attendance / Possibilité d’assister et de participer aux réunions par voie virtuelle

*** Approved / Approuver ***

In an interest of increasing engagement with members in a cost- effective manner, NBAD bylaws now permit members who attend meetings by virtual means, to vote and be included as part of the quorum.

12.4        Amend Bylaw IX Duties of the Board of Directors – Adoption of Governance Model /

Modification du Règlement administratif IX – l’adoption du modèle de gouvernance

*** Approved / Approuver ***

The Board duties will now include the continued adoption of a best practice governance model to ensure optimal functioning now and in the future.

12.5        Amend Bylaw X & XIV Financial Duties of the Registrar/ Modification des Règlements administratifs X et XIV sur les fonctions financières de la registraire

*** Approved / Approuver ***

The Registrar’s position will now participate in the financial management and accounting of operational aspects of the Association, consistent with the best-practices governance structure.

12.6        Provide for Electronic Certificates of Registration / Dispositions pour les certificats électroniques d’immatriculation    

*** Approved / Approuver ***

NBAD bylaws now permit the issuance of certificates of registration in digital format while also maintaining the certified proof of registration. Although there will be no immediate change in the membership cards, this allows NBAD to leverage technology in the future to gain efficiency.

DC Member Recognition Awards – Congratulations to 2016 NB Recipient Gillian Salmon!

This Award recognize Dietitians of Canada members who excel in the areas of leadership, innovation or education. Gillian is the recipient of the Leadership Award for her work with New Brunswick Dietitians in Action (NBDiA) both at an executive and regional level. Her passion and dedication for the profession are evident through her commitment to the provincial and regional dietitians in action groups, which contribute to the growing voice of Dietitians in the province. As part of the Fredericton Dietitians in Action Group, Gillian has taken the lead in planning and organizing several initiatives including Nutrition Month events.

NB RDS speak at the DC Conference in Winnipeg June 2016 :

If you were in Winnipeg MB at national DC conference you would have seen several Registered Dietitians present on their areas of specialty in dietetics. We are proud of our NB experts!

  • Natalie Carrier Ph.D., Dt.P. Directrice et professeure agrégée; École des sciences des aliments, de nutrition et d’études familiales, Université de Moncton
  • Manon Laporte MSc, RD, Clinical dietitian at Campbellton Regional Hospital
  • Nannette Giswold RD Extra-Mural Program, Registered Dietitian, Horizon Health Network
  • Nicole Arsenault-Bishop, Dt.P. /RD  Adjointe du programme d’internat en nutrition / Nutrition Internship Program Assistant; École des sciences des aliments, de nutrition et d’études familiales. Université de Moncton

Legislation News:  Release of summary of ADNB-NBAD Legislation forum soon!

NBAD is progressing with the opening and revisions of the NB Dietitians Act. In April, stakeholders were invited to provincial forum to solicit comments and suggestions regarding key aspects of the Act that may require change. The summary of feedback from participants will soon be available for all members to review, please look for it on the website soon. Stay tuned for more to come on this pivotal Association project!

Quality Assurance Committee requests that you please complete the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Survey.

Professionals agree that continuing education is essential to maintaining competent safe practice through their career. A primary function of NBAD is providing a framework for the continuing education of Registered Dietitians. At this time, the QA committee is seeking your feedback on the CCP program to guide the revision of the process, documents and communication.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you to our new volunteers to the QA committee: Karine Soucy and Kristin Brown!

Reminder: Please complete the national dysphagia survey before AUGUST 12!

This is an important national survey developed by the Alliance (Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies) that will help to validate the 2016 Practice Competencies for Dysphagia Assessment and Management. If you are a registered dietitian involved in dysphagia assessment (e.g. screening, assessment) and management of clients, including food service management, we encourage you to complete an online survey to validate the 2016 Practice Competencies for Dysphagia Assessment and Management.

Please click here for further information and to participate in this important survey.

PDEP & Alliance News:

NBAD was represented at the in-person meetings for both the PDEP (Partnerships for Dietetic Education and Practice) and Alliance (Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies) which took place in June in Winnipeg with Ellen MacIntosh in attendance. Here are a few highlights from the meeting:

Accreditation: NBAD voted on various motions related to appointing the regulatory representative to the accreditation survey team, their role, orientation as well as communication

Workload data: PDEP is exploring their role in workforce data collection. As a member of PDEP, NBAD is required to consider what data is necessary and how it should be collected in an accurate and efficient manner

Welcome new members!

Welcome to new Registered Dietitians with Active registration status: Melanie Lewis, Caroline McBride and Marie Pier PageWelcome to new Registered Dietitian (Candidates) with Temporary registration status: Ashley Bray, Magali Savoie, Katelyn Bourgeois, Myram Levasseur, Jessica Hache, Catherine Biden (Courtesy), Annick Montreuil, Janik Aube, Vanessa Martel, Melanie Theriault, Melika Ferron

NBAD has officially converted to one email address of registrar@ADNB-NBAD.com.

The gmail account (registrar.adnb.nbad@gmail.com) has been discontinued and replaced it with the registrar@adnb-nbad.com. While the old email address – registrar.adnb.nbad@gmail.com will work, we ask all Registered Dietitians to use the update Registrar@adnb-nbad.com. Thank you!

Important Reminder: It is Registered Dietitian’s obligation to notify the NBAD office, of the following:

  1. change in employment
  2. change of contact information
  3. change in legal name