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Harvest Update September 2015

A wonderful Harvest season to all Registered Dietitians in New Brunswick from NBAD! Please read on, for NBAD news highlights form the last few months!

Getting to Know Your NBAD Board

This is a regular feature of the NBAD Update to help members get to know the Board of Directors. This month, we would like to introduce Karine Arsenault, Registered Dietitian.

KArineKarine Arsenault is in her third year as a general member for the NBAD board of directors. She also sits on the quality assurance committee with NBAD. She has been a dietitian since 2008.

Since being a dietitian, Karine has always felt the need to be involved in her community. Karine is very much implicated with different organization like the Canadian Cancer Society. You can also listen to her regular interviews on the radios, in the Chaleur and Acadian Peninsula region, such as CKLE and CKRO.

In the past, she has practiced as a dietitian for 5 years at the Chaleur regional hospital. She currently works as a Food Processing Specialist Inspector for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as well as managing her private practice in dietetics. Karine lives in Saint-Isidore with her husband Serge.

She’s a big fan of cycling, having cycled over 700km during the last summer.

Professional Practice Question           

Registered Dietitians have legislated acts and regulations, bylaws, guidelines, standards of practice and codes of ethics, all of which provide the legal framework for practice and for the provision of competent, safe, professional services. With the goal of supporting a strong profession we are adding a professional practice question to each NBAD Update!

Can I work with a franchise that promotes non-evidence based practises such as toxic cleanses, mega vitamin supplements, ephedrine and cortisol as part of the ‘diet’ program?

Although there are clear professional guidelines, applying them in real situations is not always simple. In this case, our Code of Ethics provides the answer to this question.

Principle 1.9: The Dietitian will only enter into agreements or contracts which allow her or him to act in accordance with this code and the profession’s standard of practice.

The public has the right to receive safe and ethical nutrition intervention of the highest quality from a Registered Dietitian. If the business contract requires the Registered Dietitian to recommend or support the use of non-ethical, unsafe practices to the public, than the answer to the initial question would be, no! A Registered Dietitian must reflect on their own practice to ensure they are acting in accordance with professional standards of practice.
What do you think? Do you find this interesting? Please submit a question for the next newsletter!

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the new Registered Dietitians with temporary membership status to NBAD: Jenna Traboulsee, Christina Metcalf, Geneviève Daigle and Lora Lewis. Best of luck on the upcoming Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE) in November!

Did you know?

·         Although we refer to being registered with NBAD as having a membership it is actually a license to practice!  After all NBAD is not an ‘old boys club’ it’s a self-regulated professional association!