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NBAD is recruiting for the Board of Directors – position of secretary

The NBAD Board of Directors is inviting its members to become an active member of the Board as Secretary.
This is a great opportunity to learn about and contribute to the important work that NBAD participates in for Dietetics in New Brunswick. Now, is an exciting time to be involved with the NBAD Board of Directors working on strategic plan projects such as; the opening of the NB Dietitians Act and engaging Registered Dietitians across the province, while fulfilling our mission of regulating and maintain excellence in dietetics for the protection of the people in New Brunswick.
The Board of Directors is looking to fill the role of Secretary starting May 2016. The Secretary for the NBAD Board is a voting member with a 2 year term of office. Primary responsibilities of the Secretary include:
• signing in members for the Annual General meeting
• filing votes for the Annual General meeting
• participate and contribute to NBAD Board discussions and decisions
Orientation to the NBAD Board of Directors is provided to each new board member. NBAD board meetings are held every 6 weeks and expenses for travel are covered.
If you are interested to become an active member of the NBAD Board of Directors, please submit your resume to NBAD Registrar Ellen MacIntosh at registrar@adnb-nbad.com before April 18th 2016. Contact the NBAD office if you would like to learn further information about this opportunity.