CCP Audit

Each registration year, to ensure members are compliant with the Continuing Competence Program (CCP), 20% of Active and Temporary members shall be selected randomly for audit of their competence program.

Please review carefully the audit process summary as per NBAD Policy 8.1.1:

  1. Members selected for the audit will be notified on April 1 by email that their CCP portfolio will be audited.
  2. Members are required to submit their CCP portfolio by May 1. The submission must include the required documents for the CCP of the year being audited.
  3. The Quality Assurance Committee will review the CCP submissions in accordance to Policy 8.1.2 and the Registrar will report back to the members by May 31.
  4. When the Quality Assurance Committee requests the member to revise their submission or add documentation; the member will complete the request within two weeks of being notified.
  5. The audited members will be provided with on-going mentorship from a designated member of the Quality Assurance Committee to help them through this process as needed.
  6. The audit process will be completed by July 1 except in cases where the member is referred to the Registrar for nonparticipation or granted extensions.

Retention of Supporting Documentation
NBAD may request to review a member’s supporting documentation at any time. Members must keep these documents for a minimum of five years and are responsible for the retention of their documentation.