Paper-Based Credential Assessment Online Application

Complete the NBAD’s online application form on this page to submit your application for an internationally educated applicant credentials assessment.

Please note the following while completing your online application:

  • Answer all required questions including your electronic signature and date. The form will prompt you if there is a missing required field.
  • There is a document upload field to add your cover letter and resume and another to add documents supporting proof of name change (if applicable). Please have these documents prepared to be uploaded to your online application.
  • Your application is not complete until all required documents are sent to NBAD as outlined and your assessment fee is paid.

After completing your online form, submit all required documents to NBAD and pay your assessment fee. 

Required Documents

These documents are also outlined in the online application form. Your application is not complete until all required documents are submitted as outlined and the assessment fee is paid. 

Academic Training

  • World Education Services Course-by-Course Evaluation International Credential Advantage Package (WES Course-by-Course ICAP; sent directly to NBAD) confirming that the transcript/degree are authentic and that the level of the degree is at least equivalent to a bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree in Canada.
  • Official transcripts sent directly to NBAD by WES or each post-secondary institution that the applicant has attended. This includes transcripts related to:
    • nutrition/dietetics degree
    • any other degrees completed
    • any other post-secondary institution where the applicant has completed other courses (for example transfer credits or upgrading courses)
  • Official course descriptions for all university courses taken (sent directly to NBAD by the institution). The course descriptions must be for the year in which each course was completed. If course descriptions for the exact year are not available, NBAD will accept available descriptions provided that:
    • If the content has changed, the university must provide details about these changes.
    • The university clearly indicates whether or not the content of the course has changed since the applicant completed it.

Practical Dietetics Training

  • Official transcript or letter (sent directly to NBAD by the institution or WES), showing practical training was completed as part of the degree. OR Official letter from the University, Regulatory Body or Hospital (sent directly to NBAD by the institution), which confirms that applicant’s degree qualifies them to practice as a Dietitian in the country where the institution is located.
  • Official letter from the University, Regulatory Body or Hospital that includes additional information regarding the applicant’s internship/practicum such as the length of program, detailed description of rotations, gained skills, etc.

Language Proficiency in English or French

  • TOEFL iBT report with overall Score of 79 Report (report sent directly to NBAD from the institution). Language proficiency report must be current within two years. OR
  • IELTS (Academic) overall band score of 6.5 (report sent directly to NBAD from the institution). Language proficiency report must be current within two years. OR
  • French language proficiency test equivalent determined by NBAD (test results sent directly to NBAD by the institution).  OR
  • Proof (sent directly from the institution to NBAD) that English or French was the primary language of instruction in the applicant’s secondary or post-secondary schooling.

Work Experience and Continuing Education (if applicable)

  • Provide a cover letter and resume outlining details of education activities and details of work experience obtained within the past three years prior to application that relate directly to dietetic practice and at a level that would be expected of a practicing Dietitian.

Name Change Information

  • If the applicant’s official transcripts are under a different name than the name they are currently using, the applicant must enclose proof of their change in name with the application (e.g., document showing their old name (i.e., marriage certificate) and a government issued ID showing their current name (i.e., driver’s license, passport).

Prior Dietetic Registration (if applicable)

  • Documentation from prior or current dietetic registration boards that the applicant is a member in good standing and not under past or current proceedings for professional misconduct, incompetence or negligence. Sent directly to NBAD from the dietetic registration board.

Proof of Authorization to Work in Canada

Applicant must provide proof of Canadian Citizen or Permanent residency or authorization to work under the Canadian Immigration Act.

Assessment Fee

Pay your $600 CAD assessment fee by:

  • Visa or Mastercard: Please call the NBAD office at (506) 386-5903 to pay by credit card. Do not email your credit card number.
  • Interac e-Transfer: Send an Interact e-Transfer to If a password is required, please choose “nutrition”.

Application Assessment Timeline 

We must receive your completed application (the online form with required documents) and your assessment fee payment prior to providing you with a written decision. You will receive a decision within 12 weeks once you have completed the application and payment is received. 

Complete the Paper-Based Credential Assessment Online Application