CCP Member Workbook

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Member Workbook is a tool available to members to guide them through the four steps of the CCP:

  • Step 1: Self-Assessment – This is a crucial step in the process because learning will only be meaningful and impact your practice if it relates to your learning needs.
  • Step 2: Learning Goals – As a result from your Self-Assessment (Step 1), set two relevant SMART goals for the coming year.
  • Step 3: Activity Log – Complete your learning activities. Maintain a learning Activity Log of all your learning activities and keep documentation.
  • Step 4: Self-Reflection – Through critical reflection, evaluate your development of professional competencies.

At the end of the workbook, you will find two workable templates to draft your learning plans.

Access the CCP Workbook 

Members are encouraged to use this workbook for their CCP learning plans (April 1 to March 31 of each renewal year).  If any changes are made to the workbook for the upcoming CCP year, the workbook will be updated no later than December 31.

CCP Member Workbook

CCP-Member-Workbook Word Document



The CCP submission is done online. Do I still need to use the CCP Member Workbook?

Correct, the CCP submission of your learning plans are done online as part of the registration renewal process. NBAD encourages members to download a copy of the workbook to complete all four steps of the CCP and copy and paste the information onto their online submission. This additional step provides members with a draft of their submission should there be a technical problem during the online submission.

The CCP Member Workbook is not mandatory to complete and submit as part of the portfolio if selected for audit.