Making a Complaint

The New Brunswick Association of Dietitians (NBAD) regulates the profession of dietetics to protect the public. All Dietitians and Dietetic Interns registered with NBAD shall practice in accordance with the Dietitians Act, Regulations, By-laws, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Because responding to complaints is important for public protection, we investigate all complaints about a Registered Dietitian’s or Dietetic Intern’s professional conduct, competence, capacity to practice safely or any violation of the Dietitians Act, Regulations, By-Laws, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Concerns about the practice of Registered Dietitians or Dietetic Interns are addressed through the Association’s complaint process. This is set out in the Dietitians Act (Sections 26 – 32) that governs the dietetic profession and ensures that an appropriate course of action is taken. When an individual files a formal complaint with the Association, they are always notified of the action taken with respect to the complaint.

First Step

If you are concerned about the practice or conduct of a Registered Dietitian or Dietetic Intern, your first step should be to discuss the problem directly with the individual or his/her supervisor as difficulties often arise from poor communication or misunderstandings. If the issue can’t be resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact the NBAD Registrar at (506) 386-5903 or by email at

Complaints Process Decisional Tree

If you are unsure if you should submit a complaint, consult the Complaints Process Decisional Tree for guidance. You may also contact the NBAD Registrar at (506) 386-5903 or by email at

Complaints Investigation Process

The New Brunswick Association of Dietitians takes your complaint seriously and will investigate it. Often the complaints process takes several months depending on the complexity of the complaint.

To begin a formal inquiry in to your complaint, please:

  • Complete and sign the Complaint Form.
  • While the Complaint Form can be completed electronically, the form must be printed, signed and dated by the complainant. A completed and signed form is necessary to initiate a full investigation of your complaint.
  • Forward the Complaint Form to the Registrar by mail or fax to:

New Brunswick Association of Dietitians
608 Pine Glen Road
Riverview, New Brunswick E1B 4X2
Fax: (506) 450-9375

Upon receiving the Complaint Form, the Registrar will:

  • Contact the Dietitian(s) or Dietetic Intern(s) against whom a complaint has been filed, and provide them with a copy of the complaint. The member may make a written submission to the Registrar with respect to the matter within 30 days after receiving the notice.
  • Contact those individuals who may have information relevant about the complaint.
  • Review all information. Further communication with the parties involved may be necessary. As part of the investigation process, an authorization for release of information (medical records, progress charts, other related documentation, etc.) may be requested to the complainant depending on the nature of the complaint.
  • After the completion of an investigation regarding the conduct or actions of a member and after considering the submission of the member and considering or making a reasonable attempt to consider all documents and information considered relevant to the matter :
    • direct that no further action be taken if, in the opinion of the Registrar, the complaint is frivolous or vexatious or there is insufficient evidence of unprofessional, professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a member, incompetence, incapacity, unfitness to practise dietetics or a violation of or a failure to comply with the Dietitians Act, the regulations or by-laws under the Dietitians Act;
    • refer allegations to the Discipline Committee (where the Registrar refers allegations to the Discipline Committee, please refer to the Dietitians Act, sections 26.2 (1) to 31(7) for step by step process);
    • take such other action as the Registrar considers appropriate in the circumstances that is not inconsistent with the Dietitians Act, the regulations or the by-laws.
  • Inform the complainant and Dietitian(s) or Dietetic Intern(s) in writing of the findings and decision by registered mail.

Please note: In order for a third party to receive specific information regarding a complaint, including a Dietitian’s or Dietetic Intern’s reply to the letter of complaint, NBAD requires photocopies of documentation specifying that the third party has Power of Attorney for the patient, legal guardianship of the patient, or is an Executor of the patient’s Estate.