CCP Audit Portfolio Submission

How to submit the documents from your Continuing Competence Program (CCP) portfolio as part of the CCP audit for the 2022-2023 CCP year.


    1. Review the email from NBAD with complete instructions about the CCP audit.
    2. Identify and review the supporting documents that you wish to submit.
    3. Eliminate or redact (black out) any personal or confidential information from your submission documents.
    4. Electronic documents should be limited to the following file formats: Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF.
    5. Convert pictures or hard copy documents and save them as PDF files.
    6. Supporting documents must be provided for each learning activity reported on your CCP Learning Plan.
    7. Submit your supporting documents via email at

For complete information about the audit policies and process, refer to the email you received from the NBAD, and the NBAD website.