General Meeting Proxy

January 13, 2022 General Meeting Proxy

Every member in good standing of NBAD that is entitled to attend and vote at NBAD general meetings can either vote in person or through a Proxy. For example, if a member will not be present at the meeting, they have the right to appoint another person to vote in their stead. This person is therefore called a Proxy. For a person to act as a Proxy, the member appointing the Proxy must complete this form authorizing the Proxy to vote on their behalf at the meeting.

Important to note: 
– The person appointed as a Proxy must be present at the General Meeting, be a member in good standing and entitled to vote. If they are not, your vote will not be counted.
– The giving of a Proxy will not affect your right to vote in person if you later find it possible to attend the meeting in person; however, you must notify the Registrar at

Members in Good Standing Entitled to Vote as per By-Law II:
– Active Members
– Retired Members
– Honorary Members

1. If you will NOT be present at the virtual General Meeting and wish to exercise your vote, complete this online proxy form.
2. Review the proposed motion, detailed rationale and webinar.
3. The completed proxy form must be submitted no later than Tuesday, January 11, 2022.
4. Complete the form by indicating:
– Your full name, email address and NBAD registration number;
– Who will be your Proxy;
– How the Proxy will vote on your behalf;
– Your electronic signature;
– Electronic signature of the person witnessing you completing this form.
5. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address indicated below once you submit this form.