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NBAD Board is Recruiting!

The NBAD Board of Directors is recruiting for Member at Large and President-Elect positions, starting May 24, 2019. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to become an active member of the Association and participate in the decisions and discussions related to the regulation and practice of Dietitians in New Brunswick. 

Orientation to the Board of Directors is provided and all expenses required for travel to meetings will be covered. NBAD Board meetings occur either in-person at the Riverview office (4 times/year, typically Friday evening and Saturday) or via videoconference for the remaining other months (8 times/year, typically 7-8 pm) . Members also respond to Association issues as they arise by email. 

As per NBAD Bylaws, an honorarium will be offered on a pro rata basis to the members of the NBAD Board of Directors at a rate of $50 per Board member per scheduled meeting. This will be conditional upon the following: attendance at the meeting; the meeting meets quorum. There is an imposed limit of $350 per Board member per fiscal year.

If you are interested in submitting your name for nomination of one of these two positions, please forward your cover letter and resume to registrar@adnb-nbad.com by Friday, March 8, 2019.

Member at Large
Term of Office: 2 years
Primary Responsibilities:
– Is a liaison between the Quality Assurance Committee and the Board (participates on the Quality Assurance Committee – Audit of CCP submissions which is 1 day/year on a weekend in May, 6-7 videoconferences/year 12pm-1pm and helps answer member questions regarding CCP throughout the year);
– Is an active member in Board discussions and decisions.

Term of Office: 2 years, automatic succession to President (2 years), followed by Past President (2 years)
Primary Responsibilities:
– Chairs Board of Directors, General and Annual meetings of the Association in the absence of the President;
– Ensures that Strategic Planning is done by the Association;
– Is an active member in Board discussions and decisions.