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Quality Assurance Committee is Recruiting!

The Quality Assurance Committee is recruiting 1-2 francophone or bilingual members starting May 1, 2020 as the committee is short of members capable of helping with the French Continuing Competency Program portfolios during the audit.

The objectives of the Quality Assurance Committee is to:
– Assist members to improve their individual competence;
– Identify members demonstrating a need for improvement in competence and provide support for continued growth through the career of RDs;
– Evaluate dietitians’ participation in the Continuing Competence Program;
– Complete the audit of dietitians’ Continuing Competence Program submissions;
– Evaluate the impact of the Continuing Competence Program to ensure that it remains effective;
– Review and update the Continuing Competence Program.

Frequency of Meetings:
– Meetings are held via videoconference from 12 pm – 1 pm during work days.
– Average 5 videoconferences per year.
– The annual CCP Audit day will be on Saturday, May 2, 2020 from 8:30 am – 3 pm at the NBAD office in Riverview (travel expenses are reimbursed).

Term of Office:
– A minimum term of 3 years with potential yearly renewal thereafter.
– Experienced reviewers will be partnered with new members during CCP Audit on May 2, 2020.

If you are interested in joining the Quality Assurance Committee, please forward your cover letter and resume to registrar@adnb-nbad.com by April 15, 2020.