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Information on a new classification of registration with NBAD

As according to the motion that was passed by membership at the ADNB-NBAD AGM in May 2016 states:

All individuals seeking practical dietetic experience in New Brunswick are now required to be registered with the Association.

Notifying the Association’s office of Dietetic Interns:

  • It is mandatory that Registered Dietitians registered with the Association to notify the Association’s office of requests from applicants seeking practical dietetic experience in New Brunswick.
  • Dietetic education programs in New Brunswick shall send the list of individuals who have been accepted into their internship program each year to the Association’s office.  This list will serve as verification that the applicant is enrolled in a dietetic education program.
  • In cases where individuals from outside New Brunswick seek to complete a rotation as part of their out of province Internship, the Association’s office requires written verification from the applicant’s internship director before the applicant’s application will be processed.

Please refer to the Dietetic Intern Registration Info sheet registration also found in the member resources section.