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NBAD Updates – July 20, 2018

NBAD Member Account

The Alinity database was updated last night and an email was automatically sent to members on Thursday, July 19, 2018 entitled ”Profile Update Approved”. Please ignore this email.

What you can do with your NBAD Member Account:

– Update your profile (address, phone number, employer, preferred email, etc.)
– Modify your 2018 Learning Goals
– Update your Learning Activities and Self-Reflection related to your 2018 Learning Goals
– Download your tax receipt
– Download your registration certificate

To connect to your NBAD Member Account, click on the red button called ”Member Login” from the NBAD Website.

Dysphagia Survey

If you are dietitian providing client care in the primary setting, you are invited to participate in the Canadian survey entitled Understanding of current dysphagia identification and assessment practices in the primary care setting. For more information, click here