Continuing Competence Program

Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Requirements
NBAD’s mandate is public protection and to ensure the population receives the very best level of practice from Registered Dietitians. The CCP is based on the NBAD Act, Regulations, By-Laws and Code of Ethics as well as the Standards of Practice and Essential Competencies for Dietetic Practice adapted with the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP). Active and Temporary members of NBAD need to maintain a learning portfolio as documentation of their commitment to lifelong learning and improving competence as a healthcare professionals.

Please consult our CCP Frequently Asked Questions document.

CCP – Year 2017
Members must submit their Step 3 – Evaluation of Learning Goals for 2017 by January 15, 2018.
Step 3 – Evaluation of Learning Goals 2017
Email to:

Other 2017 CCP Documents:
2017 CCP Member’s Guide
Step 1 – Self Assessment Tool – CCP Year 2017
Step 2 – Identify your Learning Goals – CCP Year 2017
Portfolio – CCP Year 2017

CCP – Year 2018
Members are required to download the 2018 CCP Member Workbook to complete all four steps of the CCP.
The CCP Member Workbook is part of the required submission documents to be sent to NBAD when selected for audit.

Submission of members’ two learning goals: As part of NEW online registration renewal between February 15 and March 31, 2018, Active and Temporary Members will be required to enter (type online) their two upcoming learning goals for the CCP Year 2018.

NEW this CCP Year 2018: The Step 1 Self-Assessment will be mandatory. Members must complete this step in the CCP Member Workbook to determine their two learning goals. While entering their two learning goals on the online submission, they will choose the Standard of Practice, Practice Competency and Performance Indicator related to each of their learning goals.

2018 CCP Documents:
2018 CCP Member Workbook
CCP Examples of SMART Learning Goals

Retention of Supporting Documentation
NBAD may request to review a member’s CCP Workbook and supporting documentation at any time. Members must keep these documents for a minimum of five years and are responsible for the retention of their documentation.