Interjurisdictional Practice

At this time, it is the position of the New Brunswick Association of Dietitians to not require registration for externally-registered Dietitians who are providing virtual dietetic services to New Brunswick residents.

A dietitian registered in another jurisdiction who provides virtual dietetic services to New Brunswick residents must:
a. disclose where they are registered to the N.B. client,
b. inform NBAD prior to providing virtual dietetic services in N.B. (send email to with contact information, province/state/country of registration and licence/registration number), and
c. adhere to NBAD laws, regulations, standards and code of ethics.

Please consult the NBAD Cross Border Dietetic Practice Position Statement (revised April 4, 2022).

What is telepractice?
Telepractice is the provision of dietetic services which involves any type of intervention with a client, or group of clients, who are remotely located from a practitioner providing the service. Telepractice dietetic services can include counselling, consultation, monitoring, teaching, etc. that is provided via telephone, videoconferencing, email, web-based apps, forums/blog communication and wearable technology. Other methods for the delivery of telepractice may emerge as technology advances.