Labour Mobility

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement specifies that “regulatory bodies have an obligation to recognize workers certified in another jurisdiction. Based on the principle of “certificate-to-certificate” recognition, any worker certified for an occupation in one jurisdiction must be, upon application, certified for that occupation in another jurisdiction without additional material training, experience, examinations or assessments, unless an exception has been posted.”

The New Brunswick Association of Dietitians (NBAD) will register, without assessment, condition, restriction or limitation, a registrant in good standing in the current regulatory body, subject to the following procedures:

  • The individual applies for registration.
  • The registration status of the individual is confirmed by the current regulatory body.
  • The individual complies with any requirements of NBAD, such as
    • Criminal record checks;
    • Identity verification;
    • Verification of previous registrations with other regulatory bodies;
    • Official transcripts or internship completion letters.

In the event that NBAD received an application for registration from a registrant in any other regulatory body who is not a registrant in good standing, NBAD will respond to the application in a manner consistent with Chapter 7 Labour Mobility of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement.