Register with the NBAD

We establish the education and training requirements that are required for entry into the profession of dietetics in New Brunswick. Registration with the NBAD assures the public and employers that an individual has met the academic and practical training standards as well as continuing education requirements.

Canadian Trained Applicants

Canadian trained applicants are graduates of a Canadian university and internship programs accredited by EQual. Qualified applicants will obtain a Temporary Membership while waiting to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination.

Please note: The EQual program, which is under Accreditation Canada, accredits the dietetic education programs in Canada. The current Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) accreditation awards will continue to be recognized by Canadian dietetic regulatory bodies as approved programs for the purposes of registration through to February 15th, 2024. Programs that have not transitioned to the new accreditation service provider will be considered non-approved and graduates from these programs will apply as an Unaccredited Canadian Trained Applicant and be assessed through the NBAD’s Competency Assessment process for Substantial equivalence.

Applicants Registered in Another Province

Applicants that are fully licensed with another Canadian dietetic regulatory body and are seeking registration as a Registered Dietitian in New Brunswick.

Internationally Educated Applicants

Internationally educated applicants seeking registration in New Brunswick will be assessed to ensure Canadian equivalency of training and practical experience. 


Courtesy Member Applicants

Courtesy member applicants who are seeking temporary registration in New Brunswick to work in the province for a short duration. They need to be registered and in good standing with another Canadian dietetic regulatory body may be granted courtesy registration for a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 120 consecutive days.


Dietetic Intern Applicants

Dietetic intern applicants who have been accepted for their internship/practicum from an accredited program in New Brunswick.  


Temporary Membership – Registered Dietitian (Candidate)

A Temporary Membership allows the member to practice dietetics in New Brunswick as a Registered Dietitian (Candidate) while waiting to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE). Once a Registered Dietitian (Candidate) passes the CDRE, they will be granted an active membership to practice as a Registered Dietitian in New Brunswick.

Interjurisdictional Practice

Registration is not required for dietitians registered in another jurisdiction providing virtual dietetic services to New Brunswick residents. A dietitian registered in another jurisdiction who provides virtual dietetic services to New Brunswick residents must: 

  1. Disclose where they are registered to the New Brunswick client.
  2. Inform the NBAD prior to providing virtual dietetic services in New Brunswick.
    Please email with your contact information, province/state/country of registration and licence/registration number).
  3. Adhere to the NBAD laws, regulations, standards and code of ethics. 

Review the NBAD Cross Border Dietetic Practice Position Statement (revised April 4, 2022). 

About Telepractice

Telepractice is the provision of dietetic services which involves any type of intervention with a client, or group of clients, who are remotely located from a practitioner providing the service. Telepractice dietetic services can include counselling, consultation, monitoring, teaching, etc. that is provided via telephone, videoconferencing, email, web-based apps, forums/blog communication and wearable technology.  


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