Internationally Educated Applicant

If you are a trained dietitian in your country and wish to become a Registered Dietitian in New Brunswick, please read the following.

In order to practise as a Registered Dietitian (RD) and to use the protected title in New Brunswick, you must be registered with the New Brunswick Association of Dietitians (NBAD). It is illegal to practise as a Registered Dietitian and to use the protected title without a valid NBAD registration.

NBAD assesses your education and training with the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process to ensure that your dietetics knowledge and skills meet the minimum standards required of a new graduate in Canada.

Steps to follow for internationally educated dietitians to become a Registered Dietitian in New Brunswick:

Step 1
Complete the Canadian Dietetic Orientation and Assessment Tool. It will give you a general overview of dietetic practice in Canada and will help you assess your knowledge and skills against the standards required to practice dietetics in Canada.

Step 2
Complete and submit your PLAR application package to NBAD. To be eligible for the PLAR process, you must:

  • Have completed a degree reasonably related to dietetics, nutrition or food;
  • Have completed practical training in dietetics or demonstrate that your degree alone (without practical training) qualified you to practice in the country where the education institution is location;
  • Meet the minimum language proficiency requirement in English or French.

Click here for instructions about how to apply for the PLAR process.

Step 3
Once your PLAR application package is received (including payment of assessment fee of $400), the Registrar will determine if you meet the eligibility requirements to proceed with the PLAR process. You will receive a written response within 30 days.

Step 4
If you are deemed eligible for the PLAR process, you will complete the first PLAR assessment: a computer-based exam called the Knowledge and Competency Assessment Tool (KCAT). The KCAT exam is taken in Toronto, Ontario in February and there is an exam fee of $400.

Step 5
The KCAT will determine whether you need additional education and training or if you can proceed to the second PLAR assessment: a written and oral assessment called the Performance-Based Assessment (PBA). The PBA exam is taken in Toronto, Ontario in June and there is an exam fee of $2,300.

If the KCAT results identify that you are not eligible to proceed to the PBA, you will either be instructed to complete additional study before retaking the KCAT (maximum three attempts) or complete a Canadian dietetics degree and internship because there are major gaps in your education and training.

Step 6
After successfully completing the PBA, you will be eligible to submit your application for a Temporary Membership with NBAD ($395 for registration fees and $100 for administration fees). A Temporary Membership allows you to practice dietetics in New Brunswick as a Registered Dietitian (Candidate) while you wait to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE).

The CDRE is written two times per year (May and November) and there are exam fees of $525.

If the PBA results indicate that you were unsuccessful, you will be instructed to complete additional study before retaking the PBA (maximum three attempts).

Step 7
After successfully completing the CDRE, you will obtain an Active Membership with NBAD as a Registered Dietitian.

How long is the assessment process?
The length of time depends upon when a complete application is received. For example, if you submit a complete application and meet the eligibility criteria by mid-December, you can take the KCAT in February. If successful on the KCAT, you can take the PBA in July. If successful taking the PBA, you can submit your Temporary Member registration application and take the CDRE in November.

Additional Resources
If you are just exploring the possibility of immigrating to Canada or have already been accepted, this document will give you key information and links.